by Graham Waiting

Welcome to my blog,
where are all the Waiting's?

Mid year updates

2017 is proving to be busy and interesting.  Check out my web for recent shoots, including a wedding in France and shoots in St Martin, Martinique and the Bahamas.  Also my case continues to move forward in Federal Court with a trial date set for early 2018.  Here is the most recent public info.

Merry 2016 Xmas and Happy New Year

Very little to report this year.  Barbs knee replacement. Gray spine fusion.  Both fine.  No new grand-kids, no new marriages, no deaths. Only two away trips this year. Puerto Rico for a week and a few days in Nevada where we also visited the Hoover damLawsuit still progressing-3 years and counting.  Kids are all fine- Mark just upgraded to a new Porsche.  Grandchildren Hudson (7) and MacKenzie (20 months) doing well. Politics- no comment.  Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all.

Family Tree

Hudson and MacKenzie